Scoundrel Cover

Scoundrel Sketch

Oracle Cover Art

Crystal Ball

Oracle Flat Colors

Witch Doctor Final

The Hunter

Hunter Line Art

Hunter Sketch 1

Witch Doctor Sketch 2

Witch Doctor Sketch 1

Witch Doctor

Dwarfare Games Logo

In progress

Warrior 2

Warrior 1

2nd War Mood board

Fabric Samples

2nd War Mood

Just for Inspiration *Communism


 Stalingrad Woman

Stalingrad Woman

men's clothing

Rebel Pulse

Collage y colored pencil

Control - Collage

Sketch from a character i saw


Basic work in Loom

Working in Loom

An old concept of flower hat

Flower Hat



Illustration with PS filter *oil paint


My first Map. I used some stock photos & everything else was handmade

Juan Dolio Map

This is a personal project called "pixelated paints"

Rothko in Loom

The sun is always a good friend for this technique (Dry before applying a new layer of paint).

Acrylic & Ink on newspaper

Fashion Design. 2010.

Point of view

Tie Dye & Brush